March 2016

Dispelling Misperceptions About Our Proposal For A Possible Post-exit Immigration Policy

Jeremy Warner is right to suggest that current record levels of net migration are a crucial part of the national debate as the EU referendum approaches (‘Immigration is what will decide the outcome of the referendum, as it will in Holland too’, Daily Telegraph, 29th March 2016, see article). He expresses uncertainty as to whether […]

The Immigration Aspects Of The Eu-canada Economic And Trade Agreement

Summary 1. An agreement with the EU on the lines of the EU Canada Treaty would not increase permanent immigration to the UK. The agreement with Canada explicitly states that it does not cover job-seekers, employment on a permanent basis, residence or measures regarding citizenship[i]. It makes provision for the temporary transfer of specialists. Detail […]

Eu-turkey Agreement

The EU and Turkey have agreed a deal with the primary goal of ending irregular migration between Turkey and EU, via Greece. The deal agrees the following: As of 20th March 2016, all irregular migrants arriving on the Greek Islands from Turkey will be returned from whence they came. For every Syrian returned to Turkey, […]

21st March 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

Legal Aspects Of The Proposed Eu-turkey Deal

Tomorrow, European leaders will meet at an EU Summit where many hope to agree a deal with the Turkish government that seeks to reduce the flow of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece. The draft plan will see all illegal migrants landing in Greece sent back to Turkey within 48 hours in […]

16th March 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

The Implications Of ‘brexit’ For Border Controls In Calais

The French government have an option to withdraw from the Treaty at two years notice and might do so under political pressure from the National Front whether or not the UK remains in the EU. On the other hand, they have a clear interest in an unimpeded flow of goods and tourists. They might also […]

Migration Watch Uk Comment On The Government Paper ‘the Process For Withdrawing From The European Union’

British citizens in the EU The government paper ‘The Process for Withdrawing from the European Union’, published on 29th February, argues (pp. 17 & 22) that approximately two million UK citizens who live and work in the EU should not assume that rights acquired under free movement rules ‘would be guaranteed’ if the UK were […]

3rd March 2016 (European Union)


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