April 2016

The Eu Turkey Deal – Could A Similar Deal Be Struck With North African Countries?

The EU Turkey Agreement In November 2015 the EU and Turkey held a bilateral summit to discuss the migrant crisis affecting the region. Vast numbers of people were making their way from the Middle East, Asia and and Africa to Turkey with the intention of making the onward journey across the Aegean Sea into the […]

Visa Free Access To The Eu For Turkish Citizens

Summary 1. The requirements for ending the need for a visa to enter the borderless Schengen zone are both complex and important. Turkey has been offered visa free travel for its citizens in exchange for vital assistance over the refugee crisis but there is a serious risk that some important corners will be cut. Background […]

18th April 2016 (European Union, Migration Trends)

Labour And Conservative-led Government Support For Turkey’s Application To Join The European Union

Will Straw from the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign told the BBC Today Programme on 13th April that the UK has a veto over Turkish accession to the EU. However, the quotes below detail the long record of support for Turkish membership of the EU by both Labour and Conservative-led governments. Prime Minister Tony Blair, December 2002: […]

14th April 2016 (European Union, Policy)

Productivity And Migration – A Brief Overview

There is no doubt that productivity growth – by all conventional measures – took a considerable hit in the recession from which it has not recovered. The failure of productivity growth to return to previous levels stands in stark contrast to previous recessions. Despite a variety of factors being suggested as explaining parts of the […]

13th April 2016 (Economics, Employment)


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