May 2020

77% Say Brits Should Have First Shot At Vacancies

The government plans an immigration system that WEAKENS work visa rules for citizens of 80% of the world’s countries while scrapping the sensible limit on numbers – the opposite of restoring control. However, the public say that getting UK people back to work after the crisis should take priority over helping employers to hire from […]

These Policies Created A Mess Last Time. Why Haven’t Any Lessons Been Learned?

The government’s retro immigration plan weakens UK immigration controls with regard to 80% of the world during an unemployment crisis. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown would be so proud of Boris Johnson for re-enacting their policy after governments since 2010 spent years of trying to clean up the mess. In fact, a study by an […]

Channel Tracking Station – Unauthorised Crossings From France

9,818 people have illegally come to the UK in hundreds of boats after crossing the Channel from safe countries since the start of 2018, according to an estimate based on a combination of Home Office releases and media reports. A number of people have tragically died attempting to enter this way. Those thinking of making […]


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