May 2020

77% Say: Put People Already Here Back To Work First Rather Than Looking Abroad

Getting UK people back to work after the Covid-19 crisis should take priority over making it easier for employers to look abroad, according to a new poll. 77% of respondents to a new Deltapoll survey (commissioned by Migration Watch UK) said that they believed government must ensure that employers prioritise hiring UK workers instead of […]

Immigration Plan Fails To Protect British Workers As Jobless Figures Spike

Government proposals would almost certainly fail to ensure any kind of significant reduction in immigration from the figures witnessed before the Covid-19 crisis struck, and may well drive a large increase in non-EU numbers. That’s the upshot of estimates contained in a new Home Office Impact Assessment. Such an outcome would be anathema to 30 […]

Channel Tracking Station – Illegal Immigrants Entering The Country After Crossing From France

The government recently claimed that the UK border is ‘secure‘ (Parliamentary Answer). Yet, out of the other side of their mouth they have admitted that the number of illegal arrivals is ‘rising‘, with more than 4,000 people having come here via illegal and deadly Channel crossings from safe countries such as France and Belgium since […]


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