Removals Of Illegal Channel Migrants And Failed Asylum Seekers

Only around 2% (just over 200) of more than 8,800 people who have illegally crossed the Channel since the start of 2019 (see our Tracker) have been returned (one in every 42 arrivals). 80% of illegal Channel migrants whose asylum claim has been considered since the start of the year do not have a credible […]

Trends In Asylum-related Support And Accommodation

The total number of asylum seekers housed in what is known as initial accommodation (hostels, hotels and, from Monday 21 September, a number in disused Army Barracks) has increased more than five-fold since 2013 from just under 1,000 to over 5,400 (see latest Home Office asylum support figures). Figure 1: Total asylum seekers supported under […]

18th September 2020 (Asylum, Migration Trends, Policy, Refugees)

Illegal Channel Crisis Part Of Larger European Debacle

Illegal Channel crossings are spiralling upwards. More people crossed in the past month than all of 2019. It’s part of a larger European debacle which began in earnest with Angela Merkel’s foolhardy invitation in the summer of 2015 to irregular migrants to come to Germany. Nearly 1.9 million people have illegally crossed into the EU […]

Rocketing Asylum Costs Combine With Widespread Abuse

New data released by the Home Office confirms that the cost of the asylum system has risen from £474 million in 2014/15 to £956 million in 2019/20. The latter total is equivalent to paying salaries of over 30,000 police officers (see average police office salary here). The data was quietly issued as part of this […]

Some Are In Denial About The Massive Abuse Of Our Asylum System

Recently we pointed to an explosive claim that there has been a recent ‘increase in abuse’ of the asylum system. This triggered the open borders industry. Clearly we struck a nerve. We cited as a source a June 2020 National Audit Office report (NAO) on immigration enforcement which examined a claim by the Home Office […]

Channel Tracking Station – Unauthorised Crossings From France

8,870 people have illegally entered the UK in hundreds of boats after crossing the Channel from safe countries since the start of 2018. At least 6,736 have been detected crossings since the start of the year in over 400 boats. This will not include undetected crossings. We are the only think tank holding the government […]

70% Of Albanians Who Applied For Asylum Between 2008-2014 Are Still In The Uk

Various newspapers have today carried reports that two men have been charged with people smuggling after a boat carrying 18 Albanian nationals was rescued off the Kent coast. For context, below is data from the Home Office on the outcome of asylum applications lodged by Albanian nationals. In the past, Home Office data shows that […]

31st May 2016 (Asylum, Migration Trends)

The Eu Turkey Deal – Could A Similar Deal Be Struck With North African Countries?

The EU Turkey Agreement In November 2015 the EU and Turkey held a bilateral summit to discuss the migrant crisis affecting the region. Vast numbers of people were making their way from the Middle East, Asia and and Africa to Turkey with the intention of making the onward journey across the Aegean Sea into the […]

Eu-turkey Agreement

The EU and Turkey have agreed a deal with the primary goal of ending irregular migration between Turkey and EU, via Greece. The deal agrees the following: As of 20th March 2016, all irregular migrants arriving on the Greek Islands from Turkey will be returned from whence they came. For every Syrian returned to Turkey, […]

21st March 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

Legal Aspects Of The Proposed Eu-turkey Deal

Tomorrow, European leaders will meet at an EU Summit where many hope to agree a deal with the Turkish government that seeks to reduce the flow of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece. The draft plan will see all illegal migrants landing in Greece sent back to Turkey within 48 hours in […]

16th March 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

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