Secret Cable Plan Could Double Flow Of Economic Migrants

Just as the Prime Minister is promising that "this year the government is determined to help deliver many thousands of new jobs", Vince Cable is secretly negotiating a deal that will admit tens of thousands of Indian workers to Britain. The deal is part of a Free Trade Agreement being negotiated between the EU and […]

Bogus Student Clampdown ‘economically And Morally Justified’

The Government’s planned clampdown on the long running issue of bogus students is both economically justified and entirely fair, says a new report from think-tank Migrationwatch, issued as the government’s consultation period ends on 31 January. The proposals are designed primarily to stop the widespread abuse by people coming to Britain under the pretence of […]

The Impact Of The Points Based System

Summary Briefing Paper No 3.13 looks at the effect of introducing the Points Based System (PBS) on immigration control. It finds that the PBS is an ineffective instrument for the task. The PBS gives primacy to “objective criteria” for the issue of a visa rather than immigration control objectives. Student numbers grew rapidly by 100,000 […]

New Wave Of East European Workers Takes Lion’s Share Of New Jobs And Puts Government Immigration Target At Risk

Figures published today[1] show that there were nearly 300,000 more people in employment in the UK in the third quarter of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. However, nearly half of these jobs went to foreign nationals, including 98,000 extra workers from the new East European members of the EU. There were also an extra […]

19th January 2011 (Employment, European Union)

Impact Of Government Measures

  2009 New Limit Tier 1 (General) 14,000 1,000 (Exceptional talent) Tier 2 (General) 8,500 20,700 Work Permits (Previous system) 5,200 Nil Intra-Company Transfer 22,000 No limit, but minimum salary of £40,000 Total 49,700 21,700     4,250 Nil A direct comparison is not possible. There is a significant reduction on the 2009 immigration figures […]

23rd November 2010 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Press Release

Background brief: Intra-Company Transfers The Prime Minister announced on 3 November that work permits for Intra-Company Transfers would not be subject to a cap. On 5 November, the Home Secretary, speaking at the Policy Exchange Think Tank, hinted at imposing a minimum salary. Meanwhile, leaks from Brussels suggest that the government will agree to a […]

18th November 2010 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Brussels Leak Reveals Britain To Take Major Share Of Indian It Workers

Documents leaked from the European Commission reveal the true state of negotiations with India for the preferential admission of IT workers to the EU. The UK's quota for some worker categories 40% of the entire EU commitment – almost three times that of Germany and almost seven times that of France. The Commission is preparing […]

Response To The Home Affairs Committee Report On An Immigration Cap

Sir Andrew said that "Nearly 100,000 work related visas were issued last year, a significant number compared to net immigration of about 200,000." "We must, of course, continue to admit key people but economic migration must take a share of the necessary reduction in immigration if our population growth is to be brought under control," […]

5th November 2010 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Eu Deal Means British Jobs For Indian Workers

At just the time that the government is calling on the private sector to create jobs, they are negotiating in secret an agreement between the EU and India that would allow an unlimited number of Indian specialists to do work in Britain that has not been first offered to British workers. This could well blast […]

25th October 2010 (Employment, European Union, Policy)

Huge Cost Of Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Quantified

An amnesty for illegal immigrants would be bound to encourage further illegal immigration, their present number has been seriously underestimated and the lifetime cost would be in the order of £130 billion even on that low estimate of numbers, says a report out today from think-tank Migrationwatch. The report is in reply to a paper […]

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