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European Convention On Human Rights (echr) Article 8

This Article states: 1 Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. 2 There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the […]

23rd February 2012 (European Union, Legal Matters)

The Prime Minister’s Speech On Immigration

Comment by Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman, Migration Watch UK 10 October, 2011 This is the Prime Minister's second speech on immigration in six months showing he clearly means business. We wholeheartedly support this. It is refreshing that he recognises that the Points Based System is a 'box ticking exercise'.

The European Convention On Human Rights: Recent Developments

A recent report by Civitas, otherwise the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, under the title of “Strasbourg in the Dock: Prisoner voting, human rights and the case for democracy” has trenchantly analysed some of the current problems with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and in particular with the functioning of the […]

Immigration And Marriage – An Outline Of The Legal Position

This paper is not intended as an authoritative statement of the law but rather as a summary of the position. The requirements for entering the United Kingdom as a spouse are currently set out in paragraph 281 of the Immigration Rules (HC 395)…. To see the full briefing document go to briefing paper 8.9

28th April 2011 (Legal Matters)

Sham Marriages – The Latest

Sham marriages have been for long a scourge and a means by which people traffickers and other criminals earn illicit fortunes for arranging them. Recent changes in the law have made it necessary to issue a new briefing paper on the subject, superseding the three previous papers, 8.13, 8.38 and 8.49. At the same time […]

Removal And The Rights Of Children

In a recent case ZH (Tanzania) v, Secretary of State for the Home Department the Supreme Court considered the case of a Tanzanian woman who had been in the United Kingdom for 15 years, who had, in the court’s own words, “an appalling immigration history” and who was resisting an order for her removal to […]

25th February 2011 (Legal Matters)

Proposals To Charge Fees For Immigration And Asylum Appeals

The Ministry of Justice has recently published a consultation paper on proposals to start charging fees for certain categories of appeals against adverse decisions by the UK Border Agency on asylum and immigration applications. Such appeals are heard in the first instance by the First Tier Tribunal, Immigration and Asylum Chamber and by the Upper […]

4th November 2010 (Asylum, Legal Matters)

The Immigration Appeals System Revised – 2010 Version

This Briefing Paper 8.30 substantially amends and brings up to date the previous version dated March 2005 (now deleted), taking account of recent changes in the law Introduction 1 The immigration appeals system has undergone major changes twice in recent years. Until April 2005 there was a two tier system, the first tier consisting of […]

16th March 2010 (Asylum, Legal Matters, Policy, Refugees)

Migrationwatch Migrationwatch Comment On Gla Report On Illegal Immigration Issued On 16 June, 2009.

‘These are very expensive proposals which would only make a bad situation worse. On the report’s own figures they would cost £300m in bureaucracy and £3m a week in benefits (our figure is £10m a week. See also Briefing Paper 11.11 – The True Cost of an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants). It would also cost […]

A Survey Of European Asylum Policy And Legislation By Geoffrey Fitchew

Introduction 1. This paper describes and assesses the development of EU policy and legislation on asylum issues, since the Treaty of Amsterdam, adopted in 1997, first gave the EU institutions powers of legislation on this subject. The first part of the paper summarises the developments in the powers of the EU institutions to legislate on […]

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