Migration Advisory Committee

Why Should We Allow International Graduates To Stay On And Stack Shelves?

During his leadership campaign, the Home Secretary called for the reintroduction of the two-year period of post-study work route for foreign graduates in any kind of employment. This is absurd.  It is already the case that are no limits on the number of international students who can remain in the UK if they move into […]

The Mac Report On Low Skilled Migration: Contrasting Accounts In The Press

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) yesterday released a comprehensive and thoughtful document entitled ‘Migrants in Low Skilled Work: The Growth of EU and non-EU Labour in Low-Skilled Jobs and its Impact on the UK’. The document, which stretched to almost 350 pages, examined the impacts of immigration on the UK with reference to both skilled […]

The Mac On The Obr And Public Debt

On Thursday the Office of Budget Responsibility will release their latest Fiscal Sustainability report.  The Migration Advisory Committee have looked at the OBR’s 2013 Fiscal Sustainability Report and their finding that higher net migration would lead to a reduction in debt as a percentage of GDP over a 50 year time frame.  The OBR had […]

Migration Watch Uk Evidence To Mac Review On Low Skilled Work

Summary 1. Large scale immigration by low paid workers from the EU reduces the wages of low skilled British workers, adds nothing to GDP per head but adds considerably to pressure on public services. In-work benefits are a huge incentive and must be reformed. Recommendations are at paragraph 14. Introduction 2. Migration Watch UK believes […]

Immigration Caps Don’t Hamper The Economic Recovery. Why Pretend Otherwise?

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK The immigration lobby are getting desperately short of arguments to set against the huge costs of mass immigration.  The first body blow was a House of Lords report which “found no evidence…… that net migration generates significant economic benefits for the existing UK population.” (See abstract here).  […]

Immigration Mythology

1     Introduction This paper outlines the many myths that are put forward by the mass immigration lobby in support of the current levels of immigration and dispels each myth in turn. 2    ‘Immigration provides great economic benefit’ For many years the government claimed that immigration added £6 billion a year to GDP. […]

Response To Guardian Editorial On Immigration

By Sir Andrew GreenChairmanMigration Watch UK The following is Migration Watch's response to an editorial in the Guardian edition of 2 February entitled "Immigration: dubious means to an uncertain end".We offered it to their web site "Comment is free" but it was rejected, apparently on the grounds that the web site does not publish comments […]

Migration Advisory Committee’s Report ‘an Analysis Of The Impacts Of Migration’

In response to the findings published today by the Migration Advisory Committee, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "This is a thoroughly professional report. The committee have had the courage to say straight out that immigration can add to unemployment, especially during a recession. They are also right to draw attention to impacts […]

Migration Watch Uk Comment On Migration Advisory Committee Reports Issued This Morning

In relation to the MAC’s Review of the transitional restrictions on access of Bulgarian and Romanian nationals to the UK labour market, Sir Andrew Green said: “The MAC have got this absolutely right. It would be intolerable to have another inflow of East Europeans when unemployment is running at 2.5 million.” Commenting on the MAC […]

A Guide To Recent Research On The Economic Impact Of Immigration On The Uk

Migration Watch UK published on 26 July a summary guide (Briefing Paper No 1.29) to the latest research. It covers: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head Employment Wages Budgetary impact And includes useful quotes (and urls) from: The House of Lords Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) Office for […]


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