Office for National Statistics

The Migration Matters Trust And Their Estimate Of Migration From Bulgaria And Romania

On 8th August the Migration Matters Trust (MMT), chaired by Barbara Roche and co-chaired by Gavin Barwell MP published their estimate of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria which they put at 20,000 for 2014.[1],[2]. On 18 August an article in The Observer quoted Atul Hatwal the Director of the MMT as saying that higher claims […]

Ons Labour Market Statistics

Commenting on the ONS’s Labour market statistics, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: “This increase of just over a third in Romanian and Bulgarian workers in the UK over the past year is a sharp increase on the previous trend. It suggests that still larger numbers will arrive next year when our […]

Public Administration Select Committee Report On Migration Statistics

26 July,2013 Commenting on the report, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "Better statistics would, of course, be helpful. But blunt instruments have their uses. The immigration target has been vital in turning around immigration policy which has already resulted in a reduction of approximately 100,000 in net migration. The exact figure […]

Immigration Undercounted By ½ Million. Statisticians Refuse To Publish New Figures. Revised Figures Would Show 4 Million Immigrants Under Labour.

A study issued today by Migrationwatch UK has examined how the number of EU immigrants has been undercounted by half a million over a ten year period – a difference the size of Manchester. The mistake was discovered by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) when they compared the results of the recent census with […]

Immigration And Visa Statistics

Commenting on the latest immigration and visa statistics released this morning, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “The latest immigration figures are very good news. Net migration is down by 89,000 on the previous year and the government have achieved this without harming the business or university sectors. University applicants are up […]

The British In Europe

There are 407,000 British workers in other countries of the European Union, compared to over 1.4 million workers from another EU country in the UK. To see the full Briefing Paper No 4.21 click here.

Sir Andrew Green’s Letter In The Daily Telegraph

Curbing Immigration  Sir, I am most grateful for your generous endorsement of Migrationwatch in today’s editorial (“Labour has no right to lecture on immigration”). Looking ahead, we must recognize that many are shell shocked by the pace of change in our society, now underscored by the census results.  Integrating the nearly three million immigrants who […]

Speech By Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband This Morning

Following the speech made this morning by the Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband, Sir Andrew Green said: "The steps which Ed Miliband outlined to promote integration are perfectly sensible but there was a glaring gap in his speech – namely his failure to say anything significant about limiting the scale of future immigration. Apparently, he is […]

Census Results: Comment By Sir Andrew Green

11 December, 2012 Following the release of today's Census results, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, commented:  "This is the clear result of Labour’s mass immigration policy which brought nearly four million immigrants to England and Wales in ten years. Immigration on this scale is completely unacceptable to the vast majority of the […]

Is The Fall In Net Immigration Due To A Fall In Student Numbers?

Immigration data The latest net migration statistics to March 2012 show a significant fall in net migration to 183,000 – a reduction of 59,000 from the figure for year ending March 2011.  According to the ONS News release “this reduction in immigration was largely due to fewer people arriving to study….” In fact, the main […]

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